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Professional Development in the Twin Cities

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My name is Tim Huebsch and I reside in Maple Grove, MN (suburb of Minneapolis). I am actively involved with many different organizations within the community and have spent the last twenty years finding the best organizations in the Twin Cities. These include organizations where I have volunteered, served on the board or other leadership role, or participated in as a professional development program. These experiences have allowed me to be a "Dot Connector" where I am able to help individuals and organizations to come together and work to enhance our community. The organizations I have listed on this site I would highly recommend to others looking to get involved and give back to our community.

Please take a minute to look at the links if you are interested in getting involved in the Twin Cities Community! If you see an organization or program that looks interesting, please let me know and I would be happy to help you get connected with these organizations!

"In order to succeed you must reflect on the past, focus on today and, most importantly, dream of tomorrow"

Why should you get involved?

There are many reasons that led me to get involved in the community. First and foremost I felt a desire to give back to my community in some manner. The amazing thing is that although I am giving back I often feel that I receive just as much or even more than I give.

The people I have had a chance to meet and the experiences I have had have greatly helped me grow both personally and professionally. Below are a few overall benefits but nothing can adequately describe the personal experiences you will have when you are involved.


    • Give back to your community

    • Gain experiences much earlier than you would receive in a corporate setting

    • Develop leadership skills

    • Building relationships throughout the community

Professional Development Programs

Humphrey Institute Policy Fellows

Leadership Twin Cities

MN Tech - ACE Leadership Program

Studio E

Community Involvement

4th Generation Fund - Formerly Community Capital Alliance

Citizens League

Committee on Foreign Relations Minnesota

DRIVE Emerging Leaders (Minneapolis Chamber)

FBI Citizens' Academy

Greater Twin Cities United Way Emerging Leaders

LEAD -- Leadership Emergence and Development

Minneapolis Club

Social Venture Partners - Minnesota

Twin Cities Rotaract

Contact me at tim@timhuebsch.com